May 022016

We took 2015 off to pursue personal lives, pets, family, and fun. Now we are back in 2016. So far this year we have:

1. Placed 3rd in the regional Iron GM tournament.
2. Set up as professional Game Master as part of the Dark Phoenix Events Guild.
3. Nearly finished work on our first project of 2016 – More Mutants & Mayhem!

We will be bringing the mischief to you soon.

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Nov 072014

MALs – Now Available at DriveThru RPG

This sourcebook brings beast-men alive in any sci-fi or modern campaign. This human-animal sourcebook details the world of genetic manipulation to life for 8 different systems.

From the loyal dog soldier to the dolphin aqua scout to the ursine heavy weapons specialist, MALs allows you to build characters and develop setting and stories to fill out your world.

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Nov 022014

This weekend we will be at Carnage.
Come on over to Killington Resort & game with us!
Friday 1-5 PM R9: Mystery of the Mountain Freaks
Friday 7-11pm R29: Overland Stage, 1863
Sat. 8-12 R54: Mystery of the Mountain Freaks
Sat. 1-5pm R70: Lost Isle of Tanaroa
Sat. 7-11pm R92: Overland Stage, 1863
Sun. 10am-1p F31: War P.I.G.s!
Sun. 1-5pm R126: Lost Isle of Tanaroa

Mystery of the Mountain Freaks – Working title of the next paNik productions module! (FATE)
Overland Stage, 1863 – Period western horror. (Savage Worlds)
Lost Isle of Tanoroa – The classic module X1 – Isle of Dread (1E AD&D)
War P.I.G.s! – Plastic Infantry Guys minis battle. Keep what you capture!

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Sep 062014

Why are we sharing this?
Because the Mouth of Milu is in production. Mouth Of Milu is a R.E.A.C.T. adventure based in Hawaii that deals with lava, caves, and rescue of the Island from forces greater than man.

We will also have background information about the Big Island as a setting for your modern campaign.

Keep your eyes out for Mouth of Milu later in 2014.

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Jun 172014
Compatibile with 7 systems: Savage Worlds, Fate, Modern Path, Modern Adventures, d20 OGL, True20, and Fudge
Cover of Bughunt

A new form of lethal illicit drug is slowly infiltrating the city streets, causing rampant death and overdose. From the shadows, the family of a deceased young woman cry out for vengeance. To help them the players must battle lunatic cyborgs, viscous thugs, and gangs galore.

This quick adventure will have your players racing all over town, pursuing the elusive source.

Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

Bughunt Contains:

Character Portrait Stand-upsCharacter Portrait Stand-Ups to show your players all the major NPCs
20 pages of mapsThree 1″ square maps (20 pages total)
Chase Challenge Cards 24 Car-Chase Challenge Cards
Optional Rules Expansion 8 pages of optional Chase expansion rules
24 Clue Cards 24 Clue Cards to hand out random clues to the players as they investigate

Suitable as a stand-alone adventure or can be incorporated into a sci-fi campaign.

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Mar 212014

Modern Adventures is an supplement to the Pathfinder Roleplaying game published by Paizo, designed to expand Pathfinder for modern settings. Not just a rehash of d20 Modern, Modern Adventures is a new take on fantasy gaming in a 21st century setting.



Updates to the existing Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes and races, bringing them into the 21st century.and Pathfinder for modern settings. Not just a rehash of d20 Modern,* Modern Adventures is a new take on fantasy gaming in a 21st century setting. Inside, you’ll find:

  • 6 brand new classes with 20 new archetypes.
  • New Skills
  • New Feats
  • New Spellsspider-bot
  • New Afflictions
  • 200 Full Color Illustrations
  • Modern weapons, equipment, and vehicles.
  • 2 campaign universes and sample adventures

It’s 200 pages of action & adventure!
Available at DriveThruRPG  or Paizo Store.

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Jan 162014

Greetings Fans & Friends!

Dr Nik Long Coat

Dr. Nik Longcoat

Dr.Nik will attending TempleCon for the first time this year, Feb 6-9.  The theme this year is old school CyberPunk, so Dr.Nik will be running several adventures using the new R.E.A.C.T. Worldbook 1.1 rules (Download Here!) and features to dish some old hard sci-fi fantasy goodness.     He will also run a couple panels.

If you are in New England, swing by Rhode Island & get some game on!

See Dr. Nik at:
Thursday 6:00PM-10:00PM in Belcourt: Gallant Hero Security: Cat & Mouse
Friday 1:00PM-5:00PM in Belcourt: Gallant Hero Security: 40 Acres & a MULE
Friday 7:00PM-8:00PM in Newport: What’s The Scenario? Writing tips for Serial Authors
Saturday 1:00PM-5:00PM in Belcourt: Daze of Our Lives: Street Sam Setup Part 1
Saturday 6:00PM-10:00PM in Belcourt: Daze of Our Lives: Street Sam Setup Part 2
Sunday 11:30AM-12:30PM in Con Suite 2 (Room 632): Advanced Skills for RPG Masters

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Aug 212013

Despite not winning any awards,GenCon was a wonderful time, as usual.

paNik Productions participated in the following events:
Slaughter Priests of The Razor Coast
The ENnie Awards
Iron GM
Art of the Table Seminars

We had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who played with us, voted for us, and encourage us to keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more products and fun!

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Jul 232013
We ask you to take five minutes and vote for our nominated game, DEADLY SEVEN, in the Best Electronic Book online poll for the ENnie awards before 7/31/13:
Long ago I had determined that I would either learn bar room piano OR start a company by the time I turned 40.  Since I got sober a few years back, I ended up with a company.   As a result of that effort, paNik Productions has built some great games.  One of our games, DEADLY SEVEN, has been selected by a group of industry judges as one of the Best Electronic Products of the past year.   This nomination is a high honor.  The ENnies are the RPG world equivalent of the Oscars or Emmys.   Getting nominated is wonderful and we are amazed & happy that our hard work has been recognized by our industry peers.   Now comes the public voting!
We are excited to ask your help in casting a vote for DEADLY SEVEN as Best Electronic Book.  Can you take a few moments from your day and hop online to cast a vote for us?   People who vote experience Hugs, Sunshine, & Emotional Fulfillment. (*) You will also unlock our appreciation, love, and enduring respect.   We need every vote we can muster.
Again, we are very pleased with the nomination. Only 5 products make it this far and it is an amazing feeling, but if you want to help us even further, please share this with your networks and ask that they help us out by casting a vote as well.
If that’s not enough – July 23rd is my 41st Birthday.  The best gift ever would be a vote for our product!
All our thanks & <3 :
Mssrs Palmer & Payne
aka: Nik & Andrew

 “…and it was only .99 cents” – Mackelmore
(*) – Hugs, Sunshine & Emotional Fulfillment not necessarily a result of voting.
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