What Makes paNik Different?


At PaNik we’re not just trying to create digital versions of analog books. Our products are designed to take advantage of the features specifically available to eBooks and PDFs.

On Screen Viewing

Widescreen or standard screens displayYou download our products. Odds are that you’re going to be viewing it on a screen. As such we’ve designed each document page to have a single wide column of content to make it easier to read on-screen without having to scroll up and down the page like you would with two columns of text.

Documents should be just as usable on a laptop or tablet as they’d be on a widescreen monitor.


Pages have additional content in the sidebarWhere appropriate, PaNik Productions documents also have a small sidebar filled with ancillary text, designed to help establish a mood or to give interesting but not necessarily important details. “Flavor text” you might call it.

(Yes, this means that you may have to do some scrolling while reading the sidebars but we figure you’d only read sidebars once. It’s the main content area that you flip back and forth to find stuff in).

Sometimes, we put in extra pictures instead.


PaNik pages may be optimized for on-screen viewing but that doesn’t mean they don’t also look great printed out. Also, we respect your budget. Each file has an “ink saver” layer that you can hide if you don’t need to print the ancillary text (or hide all the other layers if you want to print only the ancillary text). Show your players as much or as little as you want them to see.

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