Oct 042017

Andrew says… Recently, the paNik development server (i.e. Andrew’s computer) crashed, which put a sever crimp in our production schedule. Luckily I’d recently backed up everything to an external drive so we didn’t lose anything — except for fonts and we might be able to salvage them from the old machine. I’m still in the process of re-installing software, drivers, plug-ins and all that fun stuff on the new machine (as well as trying to re-establish all my preferences; I’m spoiled). So it’ll be a while before we’re fully back up and running.

Since there’s nothing like free content to tide you over in the meantime, I humbly offer the following 4 feats as an expansion to our Modern Adventures supplement to Pathfinder. These feats are intended for campaigns set in the 21st century and have only been play-tested for that setting. Introducing them to a medieval or ancient-era setting may unbalance your campaign.

Acrobatic Dodge

You are especially able to apply your nimbleness to avoid being struck in combat.

Prerequisite: Acrobatic, Dexterity 13, Trained in the Acrobatics skill

Benefit: As a standard action, you may make an Acrobatics skill roll and use the result of that roll as your Armor Class (including touch Armor Class and ballistic Armor Class) until the start of your next turn. You may not take 10 on this roll and must abide by the result, even if it is lower than your normal Armor Class.

Encyclopedic Dodge

You can use your detailed knowledge to predict its most likely behavior such as their preferred method – and direction – of attack. Thus forewarned, you can better avoid such attacks.

Prerequisite: Int 13, Base Attack Bonus +6

Benefit: Once per day, when you successfully identify a creature using the appropriate Knowledge check, you gain a +2 dodge bonus against that creature for 1 minute.

Nimble Tortoise Maneuver*

A gut-shot man grimaces in the foreground while a smug soldier holds a smoking gun in the background.

He should’ve used Nimble Tortoise Maneuver!

You have trained to maintain your defenses while remaining prone or crawling.

Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike

Benefit: While crawling, you may ignore the first attack of opportunity you provoke each round. Additionally, you only suffer a -2 penalty to your melee armor class while prone.

Normal: Crawling incurs attacks of opportunity from any attackers who threaten you at any point of your crawl. You suffer a -4 penalty to your melee Armor Class.

Stone Ox Chi Gung*

Constant training under adverse conditions has hardened your muscles and toughened your skin to be nearly as tough as leather.

Prerequisite: Con 13, Improved Unarmed Strike

Benefit: You gain +1 natural armor. You may take this feat up to three times. The effects stack.

*This is a combat feat and can be selected as a fighter bonus feat.


Are any of these enticing? If you want to help play-test these, please let us know in the comments how it went.

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Aug 312017
Four strange looking dogs facing the viewer from inside a giant number 13.

Cover of 13 Things: Gene-Spliced Dogs

Actually, there’s 14!

Complete stats for 14 new dog-variants in five game systems for under two bucks. Whether you’re looking for guard dogs to beef up security at your mad scientist’s lab, escaped experimental subjects, or weird pets for your players, 13 Things: Gene-Spliced Dogs fits the bill. It’s got extra-large dogs with genes from bears, super-fast dogs with hummingbird D.N.A.,  skunk-dogs, shark-dogs, dogs that walk on walls, and dogs that can track prey by sensing its electromagnetic field. (Yes this is an ability possessed by real animals, but to find out which one, you’ll have to spring for a buck thirty!)

On sale now at the Open Gaming Store.

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Aug 102017
13 Things: Gene-spliced Dogs

Preliminary Cover Design

Howdy Gang,
paNik productions is trying something new, a series of offerings we’re calling “13 Things”. Each book (I hate to say “book” because they’ll all probably average under 10 pages) will have 13 (or more, probably more) thematically related ideas and items for enhancing or expanding your game. We wanted a change from the massive and time-consuming projects we’ve been working on and needed to keep things fresh. Also we thought it might be nice to publish something more than once every 10 months.

We’ll still publish the massive books you’ve come to know and tolerate. With the 13 Things series, we’ll just be publishing more.

How did we decide on thirteen? It seemed like a happy medium of having enough ideas to be worth your time (and money) and not taking months and months of development time. Plus thirteen is spooooky!

This one will be “13 Things: Gene Spliced Dogs”, giving you 13 alt-dogs that you can use as security animals, weird pets, or denizens of a mad scientist’s laboratory.

What sorts of things do you want to see developed (in increments of 13)? paNik is open to suggestions.

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Apr 292017

There’s a youtube podcast I listen to pretty often that deals with (among other things) cryptids, monsters, and ghosts. The guy’s not the most polished of presenters but his sincere enthusiasm for these topics shows through and that counts for a lot. This particular cast, dealt with a cryptid that seems completely ridiculous – and yet there’s something compelling about the idea that I can’t quite let it go. Check it out.

Cryptids and Monsters: Coonigator

It occurs to me that the rules from Mutant Manual lend themselves pretty readily to creating such a creature. So just for a goof, here are the mutant traits necessary to create a Coonigator. Because the description doesn’t specify the size of the creature, you could start with either an alligator or raccoon sized one. In either case, they both work out to +4 points meaning that either base creature would have to give up (or acquire a new) feat/edge/quality/advantage to afford them.


Alligator Base

  • Claws: Climbing +2
  • Cognition: Enhanced +4 (It’s safe to assume that a raccoon-like head means greater-than-reptile level intelligence)
  • Feature: Distinctive (raccoon mask) -1
  • Limb:  Specialized (climbing) +1
  • Metabolism: Rapid -2 (Compared to a reptilian metabolism, all mammals have this flaw; the constant search for food would drive it into places where humans might see it).




Raccoon Base

  • Dexterity: Impaired -2 (Accounts don’t specify if Cooinigators have the semi-prehensile thumbs that raccoons do, but let’s assume they don’t.)
  • Jaw: Razor +2 (Raccoons already have a bite attack; this just upgrades it to an alligator-level bite attack.)
  • Skin: Leathery: +4



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Mar 152017

Click to download a 21-page preview for Pathfinder-compatible Modern Adventures.

Anyone could be a mutant.

Your neighbor, sibling, co-worker. Anyone. They might not even know themselves until they start sprouting extra eyes, tentacles, or fangs.

Sometimes they look just like everybody else.

Sometimes only the brain mutates, resulting in strange cravings, urges, and behaviors. Human on the outside, they might feel compelled to kill, drink blood, or build coccoons. Is that guy down the block really going out at night to bowl? Or is he on a quest to devour fresh brains?

For that matter, what’s up with those headaches you’ve been having? Those achey muscles? And is that a “normal” rash or an indicator of something more sinister?

Anyone could be a mutant.

Even you.

On Sale Now

Mutant Manual is a suppliment for creating mutant characters (including player characters with GM approval). Appropriate for any modern-era campaign, Mutant Manual contains:

  • Over 120 mutant traits, both advantageous and detrimental.
  • Statistics for 56 mutant archetypes and mutant animals.
  • Statistics and history of 12 qnique mutants.
  • 20+ New, mutant-specific Edges, Feats, Stunts, Qualities, and power modifiers.

Digital files are compatible with 5 different systems:
…but only Savage Worlds and Pathfinder-compatible versions are available for print.


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Oct 042016

We didn’t make our kickstarter goal, but we will continue to work and publish the Mutant Manual in the near future. We plan on releasing in time for all your holiday shopping.       We plan on having a bit less Senecal art and all the same content.    We also will continue to now work on print versions for the most popular systems we publish.

A few things we learned:

  • Better videos of the product.
  • Lower funding level with better stretches
  • Print is popular
  • Better pre-event marketing

Thanks to everyone who backed us & keep your eyes out for MUTANT MANUAL coming soon!

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May 022016

We took 2015 off to pursue personal lives, pets, family, and fun. Now we are back in 2016. So far this year we have:

1. Placed 3rd in the regional Iron GM tournament.
2. Set up as professional Game Master as part of the Dark Phoenix Events Guild.
3. Nearly finished work on our first project of 2016 – More Mutants & Mayhem!

We will be bringing the mischief to you soon.

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Nov 072014

MALs – Now Available at DriveThru RPG

This sourcebook brings beast-men alive in any sci-fi or modern campaign. This human-animal sourcebook details the world of genetic manipulation to life for 8 different systems.

From the loyal dog soldier to the dolphin aqua scout to the ursine heavy weapons specialist, MALs allows you to build characters and develop setting and stories to fill out your world.

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Nov 022014

This weekend we will be at Carnage. www.CarnageCon.com
Come on over to Killington Resort & game with us!
Friday 1-5 PM R9: Mystery of the Mountain Freaks
Friday 7-11pm R29: Overland Stage, 1863
Sat. 8-12 R54: Mystery of the Mountain Freaks
Sat. 1-5pm R70: Lost Isle of Tanaroa
Sat. 7-11pm R92: Overland Stage, 1863
Sun. 10am-1p F31: War P.I.G.s!
Sun. 1-5pm R126: Lost Isle of Tanaroa

Mystery of the Mountain Freaks – Working title of the next paNik productions module! (FATE)
Overland Stage, 1863 – Period western horror. (Savage Worlds)
Lost Isle of Tanoroa – The classic module X1 – Isle of Dread (1E AD&D)
War P.I.G.s! – Plastic Infantry Guys minis battle. Keep what you capture!

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