Dec 212017

Clearly not a hand. More of a leg, actually.

Hand of the Demon is our next major project in development. It’s going to be mostly a rules supplement for creating characters with demonic body parts grafted onto them (not necessarily hands) and maybe 40% a campaign that you can run involving grafted characters.

It’s inspired by Corum and the Hand of Kwll, first edition Hand (and Eye) of Veccna (which was pretty much a rip-off of Corum) and Claw the Unconquered comic books. To a lesser extent, also the teeth of Dahlver-nar from first edition,

Essentially there’s a literary tradition of monster-handed heroes’ that’s largely gone unmentioned in modern RPG games. So paNik is mentioning it.

Also clearly not a hand. More of a literal evil eye.

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