Aug 102017
13 Things: Gene-spliced Dogs

Preliminary Cover Design

Howdy Gang,
paNik productions is trying something new, a series of offerings we’re calling “13 Things”. Each book (I hate to say “book” because they’ll all probably average under 10 pages) will have 13 (or more, probably more) thematically related ideas and items for enhancing or expanding your game. We wanted a change from the massive and time-consuming projects we’ve been working on and needed to keep things fresh. Also we thought it might be nice to publish something more than once every 10 months.

We’ll still publish the massive books you’ve come to know and tolerate. With the 13 Things series, we’ll just be publishing more.

How did we decide on thirteen? It seemed like a happy medium of having enough ideas to be worth your time (and money) and not taking months and months of development time. Plus thirteen is spooooky!

This one will be “13 Things: Gene Spliced Dogs”, giving you 13 alt-dogs that you can use as security animals, weird pets, or denizens of a mad scientist’s laboratory.

What sorts of things do you want to see developed (in increments of 13)? paNik is open to suggestions.

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