Jul 162013

This past weekend paNik productions made an appearance at ConnectiCon convention. Bigger and broader than ever before, I was happy to run some games and participate in some panels. I ran Caravan in the afternoons and Abyss of Insanity in the evenings. I had a great crew of players including Rebecca from GeekMom.

I sat on four panels and attended about that many as well. Surprisingly, the first panel of the day I noticed a gentleman wearing a shirt with a familiar logo and tagline “….because I’m the Angry DM.” After a brief fanboy moment, we introduced after the panel & I invited him to sit in on my “Advanced Skills for RPG Masters.” Despite his admission of never sitting on a panel before, I knew Scott would have great content from following his blog & twitter. The panel was recorded by an attendee and I requested that they post it online, so hopefully you will be able to share the event in the near future.

I picked up a couple of things at the convention:

A custom patch of House Stark banner, direwolf & “Winter is coming.” I am going to put it on my Sled dog mushing jacket 🙂

Close out bin copy of Inner City Games Character Folio. These are system neutral 4 panel character sheets on heavy cardstock that give an external view of visible character information and have detailed areas for statistics & private information on the inside panels. I think the concept is interesting and I may use these for a model for pre-gen characters at my convention games.

A + D (angles & dangles) Duct Tape Designs. I picked up a Duct Tape tie (black with flames down the middle). I was impressed her skills and she customized the tie on the spot for me! Check out her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AplusDDuctTape

….and to top the trip off… Deadly Seven Got Nominated for an Ennie – More on that soon!

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