Jul 232013
We ask you to take five minutes and vote for our nominated game, DEADLY SEVEN, in the Best Electronic Book online poll for the ENnie awards before 7/31/13:
Long ago I had determined that I would either learn bar room piano OR start a company by the time I turned 40.  Since I got sober a few years back, I ended up with a company.   As a result of that effort, paNik Productions has built some great games.  One of our games, DEADLY SEVEN, has been selected by a group of industry judges as one of the Best Electronic Products of the past year.   This nomination is a high honor.  The ENnies are the RPG world equivalent of the Oscars or Emmys.   Getting nominated is wonderful and we are amazed & happy that our hard work has been recognized by our industry peers.   Now comes the public voting!
We are excited to ask your help in casting a vote for DEADLY SEVEN as Best Electronic Book.  Can you take a few moments from your day and hop online to cast a vote for us?   People who vote experience Hugs, Sunshine, & Emotional Fulfillment. (*) You will also unlock our appreciation, love, and enduring respect.   We need every vote we can muster.
Again, we are very pleased with the nomination. Only 5 products make it this far and it is an amazing feeling, but if you want to help us even further, please share this with your networks and ask that they help us out by casting a vote as well.
If that’s not enough – July 23rd is my 41st Birthday.  The best gift ever would be a vote for our product!
All our thanks & <3 :
Mssrs Palmer & Payne
aka: Nik & Andrew

 “…and it was only .99 cents” – Mackelmore
(*) – Hugs, Sunshine & Emotional Fulfillment not necessarily a result of voting.
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Jul 162013

This past weekend paNik productions made an appearance at ConnectiCon convention. Bigger and broader than ever before, I was happy to run some games and participate in some panels. I ran Caravan in the afternoons and Abyss of Insanity in the evenings. I had a great crew of players including Rebecca from GeekMom.

I sat on four panels and attended about that many as well. Surprisingly, the first panel of the day I noticed a gentleman wearing a shirt with a familiar logo and tagline “….because I’m the Angry DM.” After a brief fanboy moment, we introduced after the panel & I invited him to sit in on my “Advanced Skills for RPG Masters.” Despite his admission of never sitting on a panel before, I knew Scott would have great content from following his blog & twitter. The panel was recorded by an attendee and I requested that they post it online, so hopefully you will be able to share the event in the near future.

I picked up a couple of things at the convention:

A custom patch of House Stark banner, direwolf & “Winter is coming.” I am going to put it on my Sled dog mushing jacket 🙂

Close out bin copy of Inner City Games Character Folio. These are system neutral 4 panel character sheets on heavy cardstock that give an external view of visible character information and have detailed areas for statistics & private information on the inside panels. I think the concept is interesting and I may use these for a model for pre-gen characters at my convention games.

A + D (angles & dangles) Duct Tape Designs. I picked up a Duct Tape tie (black with flames down the middle). I was impressed her skills and she customized the tie on the spot for me! Check out her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AplusDDuctTape

….and to top the trip off… Deadly Seven Got Nominated for an Ennie – More on that soon!

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