May 012013

paNik productions has released our second free product:  “Dr. Nik’s Happy Fun Rules”

Happy Dr. Nik

Happy Dr. Nik

The Happy Fun Rules are FUDGE  mechanic based and are has been tested over years of campaign, LARP,  & convention RPG  play.   Originally designed as a four page set of rules, the current release tops out at a whopping Five pages.   Dr. Nik’s Happy Fun Rules are FUDGE based and make for fast, simple RPG play that puts role-playing above complicated rule mechanics.

These FUDGE based rules are campaign independent, work equally well in any genre or setting, and are designed to be light and hyper-flexible. Dr. Nik’s Happy Fun Rules is designed for fast interactive story-telling and is not intended to simulate strict realism.

  • Accessible to teens & older
  • Basic rules for first time or experienced players
  • Compatibility with almost any genre
  • Dynamic story telling
  • Easy conflict resolution
  • FUDGE mechanics

Let us know what you play with Happy Fun rules.

Free Download Link:

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  3. I got a group together for a campaign based on a Gene Autry sci-fi serial (if you have to ask…) and it seemed to go okay. One player who was used to D&D was a bit taken aback by the “archetype” ability, until I told him to think of it as his “class.”

    The one drawback that I saw, and this was my mistake, was underestimating how many points it would take to make characters that could be individualized beyond just the stats. There weren’t many points left to but “expertises” or special equipment. I’m remedying this by being liberal with experience points for a while, but if I use the rules again, I’ll set the level at at least 35 points.

    • Thanks Tedski!
      You did right with Archetype = Class in explaining it to your player.

      One thing you might consider is to give players an expertise as part of their standard awards for ongoing use or clever role playing.

      The one drawback I’ve seen with 33+ point distribution is that people tend to just push their base stats up rather than customize, but this too can be managed by limiting starting max level and clearly explaining your expectations for other types of spends (e.g. expertise, equipment, secondary archetype)

      Best of Success!

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