Jun 072012

We have made it back from Origins 2012. We had a great time meeting all the gamers, handing out flyers and selling dozens of copies of Deadly Seven and Caravan. If you picked up a glossy & are stopping by the website, Thank You!

We are hard at work preparing for GenCon. Palmer will be running CARAVAN there as well as competing in the Iron GM contest and running a seminar panel on Game Master skills. Check us out at GenCon. Our games will be available in the DriveThru RPG and Studio2Publishing booths.


RPG1233706 Wednesday 15th 7-11pm CARAVAN! Bronze Age Mesopotamian Adventure

RPG1233705 Thursday 16th 7-11pm CARAVAN! Bronze Age Mesopotamian Adventure (union station Southern)

SEM1233704 Friday 17th 10am-11am What’s the Scenario? Crowne Plaza Victoria Station Room C/D

CGM1233707 Friday 17th 8-10pm XXXenophile (Union Station L-N table 1&2)


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  2 Responses to “Origins 2012: Survived”

  1. Hi,

    I picked up a CD of Caravan at Origins. It looks pretty interesting, but I was wondering if there was a non-layered version of the PDF that has the Savage Worlds rules in it. The reason that I ask is that it doesn’t seem that my iPad supports layered PDFs. Also, I assume the 8 pages of maps is the City of of Qopelek pdf. Is there a trick to printing that out, since the PDF has everything on one page?

    Thanks for you help.


    There is now. I’m e-mailing Mark a copy now.
    I’m also updating the DriveThruRPG.files for download but unfortunately that’s not going to help the disks that’ve already been burnt.

    If anyone else bought a disk from us (at Origins) for instance, email:
    customerservice (at) panikproductions.com and we’ll fix you up.

    In Acrobat or Adobe Reader, click File > Print
    On the pop-up window, change the Page Scaling drop-down to “Tile all Pages”.
    Depending on how exacting you are in piecing the map together, you may want to also change the overlap setting to up to .125 inches.
    — and then click OK.

    That trick may or may not work on the iPad, but probably not so we’ll also send iPad users a paginated map for printing.

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